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In the meantime, here’s a summary.

  • Insure up to 75% of your Gross Annual Income in the 12 months immediately prior to the event giving rise to a claim excluding benefits from other insurance policies and the like
  • Choice of Continuity of Cover or Annually renewable – with a price differential
  • Continuity of Cover – unlike our competitors who tell you what they won’t do we tell you what we will do.  Your policy will say: ‘‘…the terms applying at the Effective Date shall continue for as long as the Insured continuously renews this policy. Any increase or change will be underwritten accordingly at the time of the amendment.’
  • Deferment period – choose from 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 or 26 weeks; the longer the period, the lower the premium
  • Benefit period – choose any period up to 52 weeks
  • Recurring illness – when you return to work, but the same illness recurs within 13 weeks, no deferment period will apply to the subsequent absence
  • Anxiety/stress/depression cover – included
  • Pregnancy related illness cover – included
  • Winter sports – included
  • Normal holiday activities – included
  • Accidental death or injury – lump sums of up to £10000 paid
  • Eligibility – sessional GPs and hospital doctors 

Plus, depending on the Level of Cover you select:

  • Compassionate leave – no deferment period applies. Up to 4 weeks’ benefit paid
  • Maternity benefit – a lump sum benefit of up to £2500
  • Paternity/adoption benefit – a lump sum benefit of up to £2500
  • Jury service – no deferment period applies. Up to 52 weeks’ benefit paid
  • Suspension benefit – up to 52 weeks’ benefit paid
  • Revalidation - up to 20 days' benefit paid
  • Fit note - up to 35 days' benefit paid
  • Delayed return from holiday – Up to 4 weeks’ benefit paid
  • Coma cover – £50 per day for up to 90 days
  • Funeral expenses as a result of accident – up to £5000 paid
  • Medical expenses – up to 10% of claim payment (max £15,000)
  • Dental expenses – up to £250
  • Domestic, childcare, chauffeur expenses – up to £5000
  • Home modification - up to £5000
  • Hospital in-patient – up to £50 per day (max of 90 days)
  • Hospital transport – up to £100 per day (max £2000)
  • Phased return to work – 50% of benefit paid for up to 35 days
  • Needlestick cover – £15000 payment if injury results in HIV


I have had locum insurance in place with Practice Cover for a couple of years, to pay towards my locum costs if I can’t work.  I recently needed to claim in relation to a family situation. 

Due to the nature of my absence the practice was not able to claim from our CCG. The locum insurance policy paid out for the days I couldn’t work and I’ve been told my premium rate will not be increased when I renew it in a couple of months’ time .  The claim was paid promptly with the minimum of fuss.  I very much appreciate the support I was given and the service was excellent.  

GP, Wolverhampton

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