Let’s look at a 6 partner practice where, until now, they have not bothered with locum insurance as they simply cover for each other.

Then consider the partner I saw the other day who was exhausted after yet another 15 hour day, covering for a colleague who was off sick.

To insure the 6 partners, for £1,000 a week per person, would cost the practice a total of £4,250 a year on our most extensive locum insurance policy. Or they could choose a policy with fewer benefits – but which would still pay out £1,000 a week per person - for as little as £2,160 a year. (You will need to check with your accountant, but this should be tax relievable as a business expense.)

This would mean that if one of the doctors is unable to work for 4 weeks or more, £1,000 pw would be paid to the practice for up to 52 weeks, contributing towards a locum or to compensating a colleague who has to provide cover. If more than one doctor is off at a time, multiple payments would be made.

Of course, a weekly sum of £1,000 per person may be too little to entirely fund a locum but, when trying to balance the practice’s books, it can sometimes make sense to take out some locum insurance rather than none at all. The practice can keep a lid on the overall premium knowing that, should long term illness strike, they will receive a meaningful contribution towards their locum costs.

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