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I had an absence insurance cover plan from Practice Cover. It was really easy to set up and very good value compared to other policies. When I recently broke my dominant shoulder in a skiing accident and was rendered unable to write, use the computer at any speed or drive, and therefore unable to work,I was very pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to make a claim...a simple form to be submitted ( and a short report from the GP) along with copies of my GP issued sick notes was all that was needed. Almost before I knew it Payment was on its way to my bank account, relieving the additional stress of financial worry when needing to pay a locum to do my work. I would really recommend this policy.

Thank you for your great service.

I’m thankful for the assistance you have rendered and the attached policy document.

Thanks for the quick response, much appreciated.

Thank you for your email and for your excellent service since 2012.



I have had locum insurance in place with Practice Cover for a couple of years, to pay towards my locum costs if I can’t work.  I recently needed to claim in relation to a family situation. 

Due to the nature of my absence the practice was not able to claim from our CCG. The locum insurance policy paid out for the days I couldn’t work and I’ve been told my premium rate will not be increased when I renew it in a couple of months’ time .  The claim was paid promptly with the minimum of fuss.  I very much appreciate the support I was given and the service was excellent.  

Thank you for all that very clear advice. You make it so much easier than

certain other companies!

That’s fantastic, thank you for such a prompt response.

All good so far thanks.

Unfortunately we had to make a claim on our locum insurance policy last year and I was dreading the forms and paperwork I thought this would entail. I was pleasantly surprised how straightforward the process actually was and, when I did need help, Lynda was quick to repond to any queries.

It's great to deal with a company which still values the personal touch.

I'd like to say how impressed I've been with all my dealings with Practice Cover - super efficient!



I have been very impressed with your staff, company and yourself in how you have processed the increased business over the last couple of months.

I am happy with the cover & the service I receive.


Excellent service. Good value, will recommend friends (GP practices).

GP, London

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