If a disabling injury or illness temporarily stopped you practising, how would your business keep going?

If you're responsible for part or all your business overheads, it’s important to have a solution in place because the bills still need paying, even when a fee-earning business owner is ill. Our Overheads Insurance can cover your practice overheads of up to £3,000* a week, meaning your business can keep going, even when you can’t. You can cover the cost of rent, council tax, utility bills, equipment finance, wages and other routine overheads which will continue irrespective of whether you can work.

Our friendly, efficient service can provide you with exactly the level of practice overheads cover you need.

Don't let your disability disrupt the practice you've worked so hard to build. Your employees and your clients depend on you.

Available for fee-earning business owners such as dentists, vets, opticians, physiotherapists and those in similar occupations.

*higher sums may be available on request


Great service and product with easily understandable cover at a competitive price

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