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Most GP practice managers have enough on their plates without having to perform acrobatics.

Let’s assume one of your GPs is off sick and you’re pretty sure you can claim the cost of covering for him/her from your CCG (or LHB, if you're in Wales).  

Does your CCG/LHB tell you to jump through hoops?

If so, this might help …

Hoop 1: they tell you to provide a copy of the partnership agreement to show 'who's responsible' for meeting the cost of sickness absence.  

Your response should be: 'responsibility' is irrelevant.  If a GP performer at a GMS or PMS practice goes off sick the practice is entitled to claim from the CCG/LHB once he or she has been off for 2 weeks.

Hoop 2: they tell you to provide invoices for external locums to support the amount claimed.

Your response should be: cover doesn't have to be provided by external locums.  Practices are eligible for reimbursement if the practice's existing doctors cover - as long as those doctors are not full-time.

Hoop 3: they tell you that, as you've got a locum insurance policy, you can't claim reimbursement.  

Your response should be: whether a practice has locum insurance in place or not is irrelevant.   Practices are eligible for reimbursement if a GP performer is off sick for more than 2 weeks.  Any locum insurance payment that a practice receives should not be taken into account.  

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