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With increased staffing gaps and locums charging up to £350 per session*, could your practice afford a locum if you needed one?

Your practice is one down, and really being stretched to provide the level of patient care that’s needed. In addition, you’re having a hard time attracting staff due to the shortage of GPs and nurses. In the meantime, can you afford to arrange the locum cover you need?

There was an interesting piece in ‘Pulse’* recently, talking about the difficulties partners may face when going on maternity leave.

Trying to arrange cover to minimise the extra workload falling on the remaining partners was described as ‘stressful’ engendering feelings of ‘guilt’ and ‘pressure’.

Given that, for maternity leave, there is usually plenty of time to arrange the necessary cover it is worrying that, even with weeks or months of planning, it can end up being a difficult process.

We recently blogged about all of us getting sick at some stage - even health care professionals! Following on from this, take a look at a few of the claims paid out under our locum and overheads insurance.

They range from the odd broken bone, to cancers, RTAs and hernia and more. All proved debilitating at the time and stopped our clients working - sometimes for many months.

Practice Cover, which specialises in cover for healthcare professionals, has paid out an average of £23,080 for sickness and accident claims.

The company provides locum insurance primarily for GPs and dentists, and has paid out for a range of claims from bunions and slipped discs to motorbike crashes and jury service.

Lynda Cox, who set up Practice Cover in 2009 in the niche area of locum and overheads insurance for GPs, dentists, vets, opticians and allied healthcare professionals, sees claims as justification that the insurance is a modern-day necessity for healthcare practices.

Back pain is one of the most common causes of long-term sickness in the workplace after stress. Is your practice doing what it can to protect practitioners and employees?

Approximately 7.6 million workdays are lost every year in the UK because of work-related back pain. Those affected can take up to six weeks or longer to recover, so prevention is definitely more cost effective than cure.Here are our top ten tips for preventing back pain and musculoskeletal injuries in the workplace.

Talking to GPs about locum insurance you come across all sorts of reasons why they don’t have cover, ranging from the cost to the ‘fact’ that ‘insurance doesn’t pay out’ to ‘I’m uninsurable’ to ‘we cover for each other’.

‘Insurance doesn’t pay out’ is probably the most emotive so let’s cover that one today.

Claims data isn’t widely published in the locum insurance world but we have nothing to hide! We have declined only two claims: one person didn’t disclose a shoulder injury which occurred 3 weeks before taking out insurance and, some months later, claimed for surgery on her shoulder.  The other was someone who took out insurance knowing that he was undergoing emergency surgery the following day which, again, he failed to disclose.


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